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Grounding Sheet

Grounding Sheet

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Experience The Power Of Nature In Your Bed

Experience the profound benefits of the Earth’s natural energy with our Grounding Sheet, designed to provide you with restful sleep and overall wellness. Crafted with the highest quality materials and innovative technology, our Grounding Sheet brings the therapeutic effects of nature right to your bedroom.

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How It Works

Ungrounded electronics may explode.

Your Body Is The Same

You might not literally burst into flames, but neglecting to ground yourself regularly can lead to various health issues such as inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and more.

Electronic Grounding

Exploit Your Sockets

Electricity in appliances gathers electrons, heating internal parts. Without an escape, excess electrons can cause fires or explosions. Grounding cables release excess electrons into the earth, preventing disasters. Similarly, human cells, including the brain and organs, rely on electrical signals for function.

The bottom hole in your wall outlet, called the "ground" socket, connects directly to the earth underground.

Grounding Advantage

Change Your Frequency

We feel best when our skin touches the earth, allowing excess electrons to escape and achieve electronic balance. Walking barefoot connects us directly to the earth's healing power, a practice rooted in our outdoor lifestyle throughout history.

Modern Age


In today's world, many lead an indoor, ungrounded lifestyle. Even when outdoors, rubber-soled shoes hinder us from experiencing the benefits of connecting with the earth.


Electron Imbalance

The surge in various health issues like insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, lack of focus, and poor mood is hardly surprising in today's world. A lack of electron balance serves as the underlying cause behind these ailments and numerous other negative health consequences.

Our Proof

It Works

At Smati, we design products to keep you connected to the earth's healing power indoors. Our devices plug into the grounding socket of your wall, channeling the earth's grounding effects directly to your body.

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